After many years of working and eating all over New England, Cantore’s Pizza has opened here in the Upper Valley. Vinnie Cantore’s family is from the area and what a great place to live and work. Vinnie’s father is one of the original owners of the Dirt Cowboy Café in Hanover, NH. Vinnie has lived most of his life in the Upper Valley. He has owned and operated a pizza franchise in the past. He opened Cantore’s Pizza to bring you great food, great service , and at a great price. One of his biggest fans is his brother, Jim Cantore , of the Weather Channel.

Cantore’s offers only the freshest ingredients! Our “pies” are hand tossed; our dough is made fresh on premise every day. We use only the highest quality cheese. Our mozzarella contains buffalo milk, delivering a creamy, delicious, melted topping.

Our toppings are fresh and we use as much locally grown produce as possible Our meat toppings are not cooked in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. They are cooked fresh in our store, daily. Our Italian Deli meats are the real-deal! Our meatballs are homemade, and we use fresh garlic not processed. Our greens are green, and not yesterday’s green either.

Our philosophy is simple, “We are working hard to exceed your expectations.”. We know the product we are making and we love making it for you. Just off Route 12A in West Lebanon, we are located in the heart of the Upper Valley and our community. We know what people want for choices and that they want it for a good value. The best way for us to accomplish that is by working hard for you.

With over 20 years of combined Cantore’s experience, longtime employees Caleb and Keith purchased this fine pizzeria from founder, Vinnie Cantore in January 2024. Working hard to exceed your expectations, we are fully committed to carry forward our longstanding traditions that have made Cantore’s what it is today.

Combining old school basics and new technology, Cantore’s is “Today’s Pizza”

We hope to share our pride and joy with you soon!

-Caleb Barr & Keith Friend